25 April 2012

24th October 1970

PECAD departed EGQS/Lossiemouth 0750 60n 10w 0935 descending from F205 to F200 61n 12.30w 1015 GOLF 1125 ETA BIKF/Keflavik 1140. Do not carry frequency 8910.

Royal Netherlands Air Force F-27-300M, C-4
Message copied on 5624, with Shanwick.

[Photo: at Prague, July 1996 with IFOR titles, © John Milan]

After this aircraft had completed its service with the Air Force, in September 1996, it was re-registered ZS-OEJ with IBU Air Luft Cargo. It subsequently became, TN-AGX, TR-LGH and finally 5Y-BTD with Imaatong, South Sudan. It was finally withdrawn from use at Wilson airport, Nairobi.

VC 6641 Oceanic clearance to CYYT/St. John's via 48n 08w, 48n 20w, 48n 30w, 48n 40w, 48n 50w at F180, SelCal FMDJ

Canadian Air Force CC-130E, 130308

YR-IMM Iceland has your position Ok and at 13w call 127.9 VHF

[Photo: at London, Gatwick - December 1990 © Kevin Colbran]
TAROM, Romania IL-18D, YR-IMM 
This was the personal transport of Nicolae Ceaucescu and on 1st July 1970 it flew around the world in 80 hours. Later became UN-75001 with Yuzhnaya Avia, Kazakstan and by 2007 with Trast Aero.

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