18 April 2012

5th March 1970

PLAYMATE 11 Investigating an oil slick with one minesweeper, no sign yet of any object. Just found a white object in the water at 56.23n 02.11w at 1700 and it appears to be a drogue chute (packed). We are continuing to search the area with PEDRO 28. Both '11' and '28' intend to depart search area at dusk. PEDRO 28 short of fuel and has picked up oil sample from minesweeper and returning to RAF Leuchars, '11' will escort '28' to Leuchars. PLAYMATE 11 will return to base after escorting '28', ETA base 1905.

RAF Shackleton on rescue mission, from RAF Ballykelly (?), working Edinburgh Rescue on HF. PEDRO 28 was a Whirlwind helo'.
Searching for the pilot of a Lightning F6, XS918 from 11 Squadron, RAF Leuchars that crashed into the sea near the Isle of May at 56'24"n 2'32"w after an in-flight fire.

[Photo: © Steve Williams]
 The pilot, Flying Officer Doidge, ejected but was found dead, reportedly from exposure after becoming detached from his survival suit. (see news comment from 'Irish Times' below):-

PLAYMATE 12 53.30n 10.30w 1800 1,000' 54.45n 10.30w 1830 55.20n 08.15w 1900. Requested the RAF Ballykelly weather for 1930; 'BK' is 'green'. Flight advised that the EI 121 is 140 miles from Shannon and at 10,000' with TAS 430kts. EI 121 advised that a Shackleton is airborne from Ballykelly at 1700. EI 121 ETA Shannon 1722 and has VHF contact with PLAYMATE 12 who is now at F060, who accompany the 'Shamrock 121' to Shannon.

RAF Shackleton on support mission for a bomb scare on the Aer Lingus 121, all copied on Edinburgh Rescue.

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