3 May 2012

1st April 1971

TF-JES 60n 10w 1921 F200 61n 13w 1939

Thor Air Cargo Vickers Vanguard, TF-JES

[Photo: at Naples 1st May 1971 © Giorgio Adamo collection]

Having previously served with Air Canada as CF-TKB, 'till August 1969 it was purchased by Air Holdings Ltd and ferried to Stansted, UK via Goose Bay and then Cambridge. It was registered to Air Holdings (Sales) Ltd as G-AYFN on 23rd June 1970. Later repainted in Thor Air Cargo livery in March 1971 and re-registered TF-JES on 21st March 1971. Leased to Thor Air Cargo on 29th March 1971 and delivered to Nuremberg, Germany on 29/31 March 1971.
Returned to Stansted in June 1971 and reverted to G-AYFN. Class B marks, G41-1-72 applied in May 1972 and later that month as SE-FTK. Operated with Invicta International Airlines Ltd in April 1973 and in September1975 it was registered F-BXAJ with Europe Aero Service. It made its final flight as such on 17th July 1979 and withdrawn from use at Rivesaltes Airport, Perpignan, France.

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