30 May 2012

20th August 1971

CF-ZZJ 56n 16.50w 1510 F080 57n 17.50w 1610 56n 21.30w 1750

[Photo: at Shannon prior to its oceanic crossing © Malcolm Nason]

DHC-2 Beaver, CF-ZZJ on delivery to a new owner from Malta to Canada, via Luqa/Marseilles/Shannon/Reykjavik. Originally marked as 5H-TCB, VR-TCB, N6675C and ZS-CFB. (Position relayed via PAA 121)

VV 56526 75n 12w 1614 5,000' 70n 20w next

U S Navy P-3C, 156526 with VP-49.
This Orion ended its active service life at the AMARG, AZ in September 1995, where it was allocated an inventory code of AN2P0172

CFC 758 o/head Glasgow 1644 57n 10w 1711 F350 59n 20w 1757 59n 30w next SelCal FMHL

Canadian Air Force CC-137, 13701
This aircraft finished service with the Air Force in 1994 and after a mixed civil service operation it was finally scrapped at Tucson, AZ in mid-2005, registered as XA-ABG.

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