1 May 2012

21st January 1971

OV-JBR 61n 04w 1158 F095 Sumburgh 1245

[Photo: at Aalborg, Denmark in February 1973 © Erik Frikke]

Royal Danish Air Force C-47A, K-687

In March 1975 it was modified to carry skis, being the only one of the eight C-47's operated by the RDAF, so converted and based in northeastern Greenland from April to May of that year.
It was loaned to Twickenham Film Studios during mid 1976 for the making of "A Bridge Too Far", the film about the World War 2 "Operation Market Garden".
It's final flight with the air force was on 7th January 1981, from Luxembourg to Ramstein to Brussels and than back to Vaerloese. It remained in storage for almost six and a half years, until it again took to the air on 3rd September 1987 for a ferry flight to Billund, west Denmark, where the Danish Aviation Museum was about to open. It remained there until the museum's closure in 1998; still there?

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