31 May 2012

23rd August 1971

OH-ECP 52n 15w 1017 F310 52n 20w 1042

OH-ECP, [Can anyone identify this type/operator?]

RFR MPHFC 44.30n 08.10w 1239 descending F080 to F070 45n 08w 1250 48.50n 08w to EGDG/RAF St. Mawgan then to EGXZ/RAF Topcliffe

RFR MOWPD 41.58n 07.45w 1159 F090 45n 08w 1306 48.50n 08w 1436 52.30n 03.10w 1551 destination EGXZ/RAF Topcliffe, changing to RAF MQV-1 frequency

RFR MPJQK 43.26n 09.21w 1244 descending F090 to F070 45n 08w 132248.50n 08w 1442 50.58n 04.18w 1550 51.58n 03.14w 1620 Preston/London FIR (52.30n 03.10w) 1635 now at F140, destination RAF Topcliffe changing to RAF MQV-1 frequency on 39's

RFR MOWNL 48.02n 06.35w 1434 F110 49.12n 06.02w 1503

The above group of RAF flights were all copied on the RAF frequencies MQV-5 (5671) and MQV-2 (65xx) on AM rather than SSB. Traffic was heard on MQV-1 but in SSB, a mode not capable of being deciphered by the author at that time. The aircraft type is uncertain but based on the callsign format, they may have been HS-125 Dominie's, e.g. MOWNC was XS732 - 6th August 1971, and MPJQD was XS713 on the same date. 

WGAF 1004 49n 15w 1237 F350 48n 20w 1301 48n 30w 1352 47n 40w 1447

German Air Force B.707-307C, 10+01 "Otto Lilienthal"

KSV 44 48n 10.30w 1209 climbing F120 to F270 48.40n 09.40w 1216 50n 08w 1234

CFH 48 58.36n 08.30w 1248 descending F260 to F150 changing to operational military frequencies

EVY 47 42.02n 11.30w 1549 climbing F150 to F270 42.25n 11.18w 1552 on a 'round robin' exercise from EGDG/RAF St. Mawgan.

These three Royal Netherlands Navy SP-2H's, were operational out of St. Mawgan. The deployment consisted of three aircraft 204, 217 and 218. The call-signs were changed daily, hence these cannot be specifically identified, e.g. previous assignments confirmed were 218/BLE 47 and 204/EVY 38 (both on 21st August) and 217/KSV 62 (19th August).

RFR MTOBB 48n 10w 1523 F250 49n 08w 1542 SelCal AHGL

Royal Air Force C-130K, XV178

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