19 May 2012

23rd June 1971

ADOLA 34 64n 13w 1919 F080 climbing F100, SF/Skardsfjara 2010 then VM/Vestmannaeyjar to Keflavik

USAF EC-121, from McClellan AFB

G-AYYP 57n 13w 1825 F080 59n 15w 1925 61n 17w 2025

Britten Norman BN-2 Islander, G-AYYP [position relayed via LH478]
This aircraft was noted at Shannon earlier on the 17th June.

Universal 854 63n 30w 1932 F190 climbing F230 DELTA 1957 GOLF 2029 62n 10w 2113 AB/Akraberg 2131 SUM/Sumburgh 2203 VIKING 2215 ETA ENZV/Stavanger-Sola 2241

Universal Airlines L-188 Electra, N854U

[Photo: at Oakland, CA on 7th July 1972 © Clinton H Groves collection]

First operated by KLM as PH-LLD in 1959. It was damaged in a hangar fire at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam in June 1968. Subsequently sold to Universal in February 1969 and converted by Lockheed to a L-188CF (cargo) in June of the same year.
Universal purchased KLM's fleet of surplus Electras and had them converted to cargo configuration. This fleet was used on their extensive network of MAC (USAF) contract flights, linking US military logistics centres. The Company gradually began falling into financial problems due to a combination of operating losses and poor management. They were forced to cease operation and declared bankruptcy on 1st May 1972. Nine of the remaining Electras were leased by Saturn Airways, who took over Universals MAC flights. This particular aircraft was repossessed on 4th May 1972 and leased to Saturn the following day.

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