31 May 2012

24th August 1971

DCT 45 58.34n 05.19w 1130 F270 VMC and descending to F150 and below 61.35n 09.32w 1204 my operational area is 63n 14w/65n 12w/64n 07w/62n 10w

EVY 37 50n 13w 1216 climbing F150 to F270 50n 12w 1221 50n 08w 1232 destination EGDG/RAF St. Mawgan

Two Royal Netherlands Navy SP-2H's on exercise out of St. Mawgan (see previous days report also)

GAF 1004 50n 08w 1147 F370 49n 20w 1247

West German Air Force B.707-307C, 10+04 "Hermann Kohl"

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