13 June 2012

21st November 1971

G-ATMJ 60n 10w 1247 F160 61n 12.30w 1325 GOLF 1434 destination Keflavik

Leeward Islands Air Transport HS.748 S.2, G-ATMJ

[Photo: whilst with SATA, taken in the Azores in 1969 © Kevin Haigh]

This aircraft was routing from Luton to Antigua (arrived on 24th) via Prestwick and Keflavik in Court Lines pink colour scheme, named 'Halcyon Beach' on delivery to LIAT. It was re-registered VP-LAJ. It returned to the Uk in April 1972. It subsequently served with Rousseau Aviation, The Civil Aviation Authority (as G-ATMJ), Dan Air Services Ltd., British Airways (Highlands Division) and Emerald Airways.

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