19 June 2012

2nd February 1972

RFR MOGFB 61n 13w 1307 F100 FOXTROT 1411 ETA Keflavik 1435 endurance 06+20 outside temp' -7C, wind 155/22

Royal Air Force HP Hastings

RFR BGR81 60.10n 10w 1313 descending from F280 to F090 and below

Royal Air Force (Nimrod?) copied on 5624. Advised by Keflavik ATC that you are cleared to operate in the operational area at F090 and below, be advised that traffic, a Hastings aircraft (see previous report) is at 61n 13w routing to Keflavik via FOXTROT. Make your request to operate above F090 on HF and be advised the Hastings is at F100.

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