8 June 2012

4th November 1971

MAC 60173 50n 20w 2046 F350 49n 30w 2145 endurance 08+04 outside temp' -46C wind 240/57 at 50n 15w

USAF Lockheed C-141A Starlifter, 66-0173 [report copied on Croughton Airways in SSB mode]

This aircraft was written off on 23rd March 1994 in a most unfortunate accident. It was parked on the ramp at Pope AFB, NC whilst army paratroops were boarding the aircraft for an exercise airdrop mission. At that moment a USAF F-16D entered the traffic pattern on finals to r/w 23, who collided with a USAF C-130E at 300'. The Hercules landed safely but the F-16 crashed onto the taxiway and skidded into the loading C-141. It punctured the fuel tanks on the starboard wing, causing a massive fire, killing some 23 of the 500 troops in the vicinity and injuring over 80 more.

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