3 June 2012

5th October 1971

RFR JJO71 54.33n 00.40w 091- F085 descending to 1,000' 54.33n 00.40w 0940, ETA EGXZ/RAF Topcliffe 1315 in company with JJO73, JJO74 and JJO79

RFR JJO70 54.49n 02.20w 1026 F085 climbing F090 56n 02.45w 1047 57.30n 02.30w 1125 58.10n 03.43w 1153 endurance 06+24 ETA EGXZ/RAF Topcliffe 1348. Message for the Met', "between Perth and Aberdeen we encountered some clear air turbulence at F090".

All the above RAF Varsities (?) were working RAF station MQV-5 on 5671 and some changed to MQV-1 on 39's. [see previous days blog report for similar traffic]

Britannia G-AYSI STN/Stornoway 1101 F280 60n 10w 1123 SelCal HMCG

[Photo:  at Birmingham, UK on 17th December 1972 © Carl Ford]
 Britannia Airways B.707-373C, G-AYSI, was working Shanwick on 5624

This aircraft started its service life with World Airways as N375WA in September 1963, before being delivered to Britannia as G-AYSI on 28th February 1971. Regrettably it was written off on 14th December 1983 with the loss of all three crew and 22 ground fatalities when it crashed on takeoff from Medellin-Enrique Olaya Herrera airport, Colombia. It was then serving with TAMPA as HK-2401.
It had earlier departed from Medellin that morning but the number four engine suffered FOD damage and it returned to Medellin. It decided to ferry the flight to Miami for repairs, with number four at idle power, however on takeoff the number three engine failed and the aircraft banked steeply, struck powerlines and crashed into some factories.

KING 88 departed RAF Woodbridge 1031 50n 08w 1209 F200 50n 10w 1225 and will orbit on station for 02+30.

USAF HC-130 aircraft providing 'duckbutt' cover for a deployment (see JEER flight below). Position copied on 5624 with Shanwick but will changed to Croughton Airways on 6757 for subsequent reports. Also heard KING 84 calling Croughton on SSB.

KING 88 (back with Shanwick) requesting clearance from orbit position 50n 10w 1445 to 50n 08w 1500 direct LND/Lands End - BCN/Brecon - DTY/Daventry - RAF Mildenhall - RAF Betwaters to destination RAF Woodbridge at F210. Flight advised to contact London on 124.75 VHF for this clearance.

JEER 71 50.40n 10.20w 1312 blocking F270/290 50.51n 15w next 51n 25w 1500

Also copied JEER 63/64 working Croughton Airways on SSB

USAF westbound fighter (F-4D) deployment, part of 'Crested Cap', returning Stateside from Ramstein AB and Hahn AB.

KING 85 61n 13w 1405 F200 FOXTROT 1443

USAF HC-130, possibly providing backup support for the previous KING flights.

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