7 June 2012

7th October 1971

KING 85 63n 40w 1911 64n 30w 2004 ALPHA 2029 ETA Keflavik 2041 Iceland has requested that KING 85 orbit position 61n 56.25w at 1735 and depart orbit at 62n 50w 1824

USAF HC-130 acting as 'duckbutt' aircraft for another Crested Cap deployment of Holloman AB F-4D's returning to the States from Hahn AB, Germany

STOVE 73 54n 20w 1831 F230 53n 15w 1906 endurance 05+30 and at 15w call on 127.9/127.5 VHF

USAF C-130 (?); report relayed to Shanwick from Ocean Station 'J'.

TF-LLH 60n 40w 1857 F230 62n 30w 1950 outside temp' -38C, wind 265/25

Cargolux Airlines International CL-44J, TF-LLH

[Photo: at London, Heathrow on 1st December 1976 © Peter Cook]

This aircraft was built by Canadair as their swing-tail civil demonstrator (CF-MKP-X and subsequently sold to Loftleidir as TF-LLH in May 1965. It was leased to Cargolux in 1971 and later sold to Aer Turas in May 1979 as EI-BGO. It was subsequently scrapped in June 1986

SK702 61n 02.30w 1902 F190 60.22n 00 1918 changing to Scottish Airways on VHF

Scandinavian Airlines System, Convair 440 (?)

CP8776 51n 15w 1151 F310 50n 20w 1217, SelCal -JEL

Capitol International Airways DC-8-61, N8776 leased from Eastern

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