19 June 2012

9th March 1972

N277NS 60n 15w 1159 F350 Icelandic FIR 1209 FOXTROT 1229, call Iceland now on 127.9 VHF

Lockheed 1329-23E Jetstar, N277NS
[also copied by the author at 10w 1129 working Shannon on 127.9 VHF]
This registration is presently carried by a BAC 1-11.

LV-JZB enroute from Rome to Dublin, STG/Santiago 1405 F120 45n 08w 1418 request you change from 5624 to 5610

[Photo: having landed at Dublin on this date, on a bloodstock flight © Malcolm Nason]

Transporte Aereo Rioplatense CL-44, LV-JZB
This aircraft initially served with the Canadian Air Force as a CC-106 Yukon, serial 15508, then 15928 and finally as 106928. It was sold to TAR in January 1972 as re-registered LV-PRX, later to become LV-JZB. In 1973 it was leased to Aerotransporte Entre Rios and in November 1978 it was sold to its final owner ALAS Uruguay Cargo and registered CX-BKD.
Regrettably it was destroyed after the right main gear failed on landing at Montevideo-Carrasco airport, Uruguay on 10th October 1979, with no fatalities. After touchdown the aircraft tended to veer to the right and the right main gear slowly collapsed. The right wing struck the ground, causing the Canadair plane to veer right off the side of the runway. The left gear and nose gear immediately sank in soft ground next to the runway; the aircraft thus came to rest with the tail and part of the left wing still on the runway. Lack of aircraft recovery equipment at Carrasco made it impossible to remove the aircraft from the runway. Engines, instruments and other equipment were removed and the tail and nose were cut off. The remainder was then set alight.

RFR NVW40 53n 19.58w 1402 1,000' 51.54n 15w 1507 51.16n 10w 1610 ETA EGUI/RAF Honington 1900 endurance 9hrs 00mins, requested the Manston weather.

Royal Air Force Avro Shackleton MR.2 from 204 Squadron, copied on 5610 (AM).
204 Squadron were based at Honington from 1st April 1971 until 28th April 1972.

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