19 October 2012

12th March 1973

MAC 50218 56n 30w 18:46 F370 56n 40w 19:30 endurance 09+05, now in contact with Loring Airways

USAF C-141A, 65-0218 working Croughton Airways

MAC 40626 departed Frankfurt 18:08 56n 10w 20:10 F350 56n 30w 21:39 ETA Dover AFB 03:00

USAF C-141A 64-0626 working Croughton with this departure message

MAC 59408 56n 10w 18:50 F350 56n 20w 19:37 56n 40w 21:02

USAF C-141A 65-9408 working Croughton

MAC 60140 52n 20w 19:09 F370 52n 15w 19:34 CRK/Cork 20:08, request you check Croughton on 5703

USAF C-141A 66-0140 working Croughton

LARK 98 departed Mildenhall AB 19:00 50n 08w 19:57 F280 50n 10w 20:09 destination Dover AFB
The flight advised that their original call-sign was LARK 41 but that they changed it in the first refuelling area. Requested a 'phone patch with 'MACAW' Control, Stateside.

USAF C-135C, 61-2671 with 89 MAW, working Croughton

SHELL 37 50n 08w 21:35 F290 45n 08.25w next , Mach .76, then STG/Santiago, negative VHF equipped. We are presently holding in orbit and awaiting our clearance, please advise Shanwick. Now in contact with Southern Radar and requested not to enter area 'till clearance received in 15/20 min's.

USAF C-135, working Croughton

[This was a time when the military agencies assumed primary guard for their flights on the ocean]

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