18 October 2012

27th January 1973

F-BTMZ est' o/h Ocean Station 'J' 1500 and wish to declare an emergency. The aircraft is from Gander to Shannon. (Message timed at 13:20 on 8910 AM). The following position relayed via MAC 90015, for 'MZ at 53n 25w 13:45 F090 53n 20w 15:05.
The BA 668 relayed to Ocean Station 'J' that there is one POB and his TAS is 118 kts. The RAF are sending a Nimrod to assist. At 14:00 BA668 reported that the aircraft was heading 265T, at 120 n miles from 'J'. The RRR 4113 was also assisting with the task and will remain in the area and probably recover to St. Mawgan.
RESCUE 53 descending from F280 to F100 at 53.30n 17.30w and will recover to St. Mawgan. Est over 'J' at 15:20.
F-BTMZ at 53.00n 25.00w 13:45 with 118Kts indicated and expects to ditch near 'J' at 15:00; has a life jacket and a yellow dingy.
RESCUE 53 subsequently advised that the flight should make Shannon based on his current fuel situation and airspeed; heading 090T at 46.9 miles from 'J' with a IAS of 155 Kts.

Piper PA34, F-BTMZ arrived safely into Shannon and later continued on to Toussus. (I recall driving down to Shannon that afternoon to see the aircraft but sadly no photos were taken!)

CFC 0728 49n 13:59 F080 50.30n 80w 15:06 51.18n 85w next

Canadian Air Force CP-107 Argus, 10728

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