17 November 2012

10th July 1965

MATS 40145 54n 15w 18:57 F140 55n 20w 19:42 endurance 10hrs 50 min

USAF C-133A Cargomaster, 54-0145 with 1607th ATW based Dover AFB.

This machine was retired into the MASDC, AZ on 6th April 1971 and was later assigned to the Pima Air Museum, AZ but returned to the 'boneyard' by 1975. It was subsequently sold to the Northern Air Cargo and registered N199AB and flow to Anchorage, AK in February 1977. It was later operated under the banner of Cargomaster Corporation and was only retired from service in 2008, when it was flown to the Travis Air Force base museum.

[Photo: at Anchorage, AK on 10th September 2004 © Malcolm Nason]

[Please excuse the 'out-of-sequence' posting but this was initially recorded in the HF log mistakenly as a C-130 (64-0145) but look at the elapsed time taken for five degrees!]

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