20 November 2012

29th May 1974

VV 31608 38.07n 29.42w 20:44 F120 37.42n 35w 21:47 FIR/37.09n 40.00w 22:57

U S Navy, R6D-1 Liftmaster, 131608 (working Lajes Airways on 8967)
Requested a radio check on 2153 but Lajes advised they do not transmit on that frequency.

This machine was later sold onto the civilian market as N830CS with Everets Air Fuel, AK but returned to the AMARC, AZ in 2001 and later scrapped at the Western International Yard, Tucson, AZ, see image below:-

[Photo: at Tucson scrapyard on 7th April 2009 © Nils Mosberg]

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