30 December 2012

12th March 1975

RR 6458 53n 15w 12:23 F200 53n 20w 12:55 revised TAS 340Kts, SelCal AHCD

Royal Air Force, Bristol Britannia C.Mk1, XL636

F-XCWA 47.30n 09w 15:00 F045 climbing F210 47.30n 08w 15:09

French Navy 23F, Atlantic returning to home base at Lorient

MTRQ Combine 49n 08w 15:05 F280/310 47.29n 08w 15:17 45n 09w 15:38

Royal Air Force flight of 3 aircraft, call-signs MTRQA, MTRQC and MTRQD (type ?)

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