5 December 2012

13th June 1974

KS 17 52n 30w 19:24 F190 53n 20w 20:31 53n 15w 21:08 ETA Shannon 21:50 TAS 290Kts, outside temp' -16°C

Saturn Airways Inc, L-100-30, N17ST
See image & previous report here

AFB CH10 ALPHA 21:04 40n 25w 21:14 F270 42n 20w 22:02 destination Brussels

Belgian Air Force, C-130H, CH-10

[CH-10 at Brussels, Melsbroek in September 2002 © Irish251 (Flickr)]

RR 792 68n 00 20:55 F270 61n 00 22:19 SelCal AHGM

Royal Air Force, C-130K, XV179

Sacchi 244 52.30n 25w 22:13 F090 52.30n 20w 23:11

Delivery by Louise Sacchi through Shannon, type ? (Report relayed via Capitol International Airways, DC-8-63F, N4908C to Shanwick)

Further acclimation of Ms. Louise Sacchi achievements has to be made here:-
Made her first flying lesson in 1939
In 1955 earned an Airline Transport Pilot Rating
Flew to Europe in her Beech Bonanza in 1962
In 1965 started Sacchi Air Ferry Enterprises with customers in Europe, Africa and Philippines, as the first and only female international ferry pilot
Achieved her 100th ocean crossing in 1968, followed by 200th in 1973, 300th in 1976 and 340th in 1980 (more than any other non-airline pilot)
In 1978 a street in Gander was named "Sacchi Avenue"
Her book "Ocean Flying" was published in 1979 - (an interesting read!)
Sadly she passed away on 22nd March 1997

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