31 December 2012

13th March 1975

F-UKCK 44.20n 13w 16:06 F290 44n 20w 16:52 requesting F310

French Air Force, C-135F, 312739

RR9954 45n 17w 16:05 190 48n 10w 17:18 LND/Lands End next, ETA EGVN/Brize Norton 19:00, outside temp' -21°C, wind 290/20

Royal Air Force, Shorts Belfast

VV 76RM departed Luxembourg 14:45 10w 16:46 F260 61n 13w next ETA Keflavik 19:00

U S Navy, P-3 (?)

LX-LGV ground HF radio check at Dublin on 5616 SSB, strength 5x5 at 23:30. No response from Shanwick!

Luxair, B.707-373C-H, LX-LGV

[Photo: at Luxembourg in August 1977 © Mick Bajcar]

This aircraft was originally delivered to Aer Lingus as EI-AMW on 12th June 1964, being their first B.707-348. It finished service with Aer Lingus in June 1972, when it went to Luxair.
Regrettably it ended its days on 26th January 1982 when it was attacked by an Iraqi or Israeli fighter aircraft whilst flying a cargo of military supplies from Libya to Damascus. It managed to land at Damascus but was considered beyond repair. It was the operating with Alyemda, as 7O-ACJ having been sold to them in May 1979 from Air Algerie.


  1. Hi Colin,

    I logged EI-AMW at Dublin on 30/09/1978 and as far as I can recall it was still in Luxair colours on return to leasing company Guinness Peat Aviation.


  2. Thanks Gerry for the update and just for the record, the sequence of events for EI-AMW seems to have been (with thanks to Irish Air Letter):-
    First flew on 1st June 1964 as EI-AMW (c/n 18737).
    Delivered to Aer Lingus (Seattle to Dublin) on 12/13th June 1964.
    Leased to TMA, Lebanon from October 1970 'till April 1971.
    Sold to Luxavia/Trek Airways in June 1972 for operations by Luxair and re-registered LX-LGV.
    Leased via Guinness Peat Aviation to Iran Air in July 1977, as LX-LGV and restored to EI-AMW on 28th November 1977.
    Returned from Iran Air on 2/3rd January 1979 and wet leased to Air Algerie from 13th January 1979 'till 31st March 1979.
    Then sold to Alyemda still as EI-AMW on 27th April 1979 and returned to Shannon (via Dublin) on 18th May 1979.
    Finally delivered from Shannon the following day, as 7O-ACJ.