29 March 2013

18th May 1979

KING 90 61n 25.30w 10:54 F230 60n 25w 11:06 ETA RAF Woodbridge 15:00, wind 290/38 at 62n 26w, outside temp' -31°C

USAF HC-130 returning to base from Iceland (working Croughton Airways on 9011)

LAY 517 has a high EPR (Engine Pressure Ratio) on our left engine, with 21,000 lbs of fuel. Advised by BEHOLD (Upper Heyford) to 'come in for full stop'. LAY 516 is with us and not going to the range.

USAF, F-111's from RAF Upper Heyford (copied on 6741 working RAF Alconbury)

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