3 March 2013

1st October 1977

Reforger 60166 departed Ramstein 07:30 OTR/Ottringham 09:07 F390 59n 10w 10:30 destination McGuire AFB.
'Phone patch to 21st Command; "We are the U226 mission; one of our engineers eat a chicken snack after take-off and has passed out. We are diverting to Mildenhall. He gashed his head pretty badly. We are 25 miles from Mildenhall."

USAF, C-141 Starlifter, 66-0166, working Croughton Airways on 6750

Reforger 60137 59n 10w 08:52 F350 59n 20w 09:37 endurance 09+30, wind 300/58 at 56n 002w

USAF, C-141 Starlifter, 66-0137

Reforger 38089 departed Ramstein 11:35 59n 10w 14:24 F350 58n 30w 16:14 ETA Goose Bay 19:15

USAF, C-141 Starlifter, 63-8089

Reforger 40624 departed Peterson Field, Colorado Springs 04:56 58n 30w 11:35 F390 59n 20w 12:14 59n 10w 12:50 58.13n 06.11w 13:05  ETA Ramstein 15:00

USAF, C-141 Starlifter, 64-0624

Reforger 67950 59n 20w 12:09 F350 58n 30w 13:08

USAF, C-141 Starlifter, 66-7950

Reforger 67954 59n 10w 12:35 F350 59n 20w 13:30

USAF, C-141 Starlifter, 66-7954

[All the above flights were operating as part of the 'Reforger Missions' (derived from REturn of FORces to GERmany) was an annual exercise conducted, during the Cold War, by the United States Army. The exercise was intended to ensure that the United States had the ability to quickly deploy forces to Germany in the event of a conflict with the Soviet Union.]

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