15 March 2013

21st January 1979

KING 88 departed Shannon 12:10 passing 12,000' for F210 ETA RAF Woodbridge 14:10, relay to Woodbridge Rescue.
Also on a 'phone patch to 'Woody Rescue' "no significant NOTAM's for Woodbridge, request radar open at 14:00. Advised no GCA for your arrival at Woodbridge"

USAF HC-130N, 69-5823 on return flight from yesterday, working Croughton Airways on 6750

This flight had brought in a repair crew for a sister ship 69-5828 (KING 67) which had declared an emergency two days previously, whilst escorting 18, A-10's under operation "Coronet Hoof' into Europe from Lajes. The KING 67 had developed a major fuel leak and changed its diversionary airfield from Prestwick to Shannon as the situation worsened.
It seems that fog was threatening to close Woodbridge for the KING 88's return to Woodbridge, hence the NOTAM query above.

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