7 March 2013

24th September 1978

OTIS 51 48n 10.30w 13:23 blocking F200/220 48.30n 10w 13:28 49.30n 08w 13:48 ETA RAF St. Mawgan 15:15, at 08w contact London Airways on 132.6 VHF

USMC, KC-130 from VMGR-252, 149803/BH

This aircraft was part of a group of eight KC-130F/R's in support of deployment ' AGILE KIWI' associated with exercise 'NORTHERN WEDDING' which operated out of Vandel AB, Denmark. The deployment ended on the 24th September when the aircraft (AV-8's, A-7's, A-6's, F-4J's) returned to the States via Lajes. The eight C-130's were all coded 'BH', and noted as 148891, 148897, 149803, 149815, 160625, 160626, 160627 and 160628.

ATTIC 31 46n 15w 13:48 F230 45n 17w 14:00 43n 20w next, Shanwick advise to maintain F230 in accordance with reservation

Tanker support for above deployment?

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