9 March 2013

4th December 1978

VVV 40997 Request a 'phone patch to RAF Mildenhall, extension 2138.
"We are delayed by 2.5 hours due operational exercise at Upper Heyford. Our ETA Lisbon is now 17:00, then to Rota NAS" Subsequent 'patch to same number..."Unable to get clearance to .....(missed in QRM), embassy will notice that our diplomatic clearance number is 78/141. No fuel or service required. Later 'phone patch to DSN 727-2408 (Rota NAS) "Request to speak with Cmdt Curtis, our ETA to Rota is 7.00pm local"

U S Navy, C-131F with Naval Air Flight at Mildenhall, 140997.
This Convair ended its days at the AMARC, AZ in December 1980 where it was allocated inventory number '1G008'. It ssubsequently passed on to Hamilton Aviation, Tucson, AZ in January 1985 and was probably scrapped there in 1993.

[Photo: at RAF Mildenhall, 26th May 1979 © Peter Nicholson]

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