29 March 2013

4th June 1979

ASCOT 5833 departed Lyneham 09:30/42 ETA Berlin/Gatow 11:42/52, with 6 pax, SelCal AHKM

Royal Air Force, C-130K, XV184 (working RAF Upavon on 9023)

ASCOT 4664 9n 08w 10:11 F220 45n 09.26w 11:02, advised to cross 46n level at F210.

Royal Air Force, C-130K (working Shanwick on 5610, later heard calling Gibraltar on 9023)

RFR MBORG departed Kinloss 10:08 ETA Gibraltar 14:30

Royal Air Force, HS-801 Nimrod? (working RAF Upavon on 9023)

AF 274 AK/Akureyri (65.45n 18.00w) 15:10 F310 70n 40w 16:28 SelCal DJHL, request F370
Oceanic clearance received to Anchorage, via 70n/40w, 76.13n 60w, TL/Thule, 77.10n 75.30w at F310

Air France, B.747-128, F-BPVE

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