29 March 2013

8th June 1979

VVV LC85 Request a 'phone patch to Mrs Ford at 729-9xxx in Lisbon and advise that she will ride home with the Commandant. Please also call Mrs Meekins via Mrs Tippetts at 725-7xxx; also request you notify Caroline Damery at 725-6xxx for Petty Officer Williams to arrange customs.

Lajes Airways request that LC85 call at 15w for us to assume your guard.

Reported 40.35n 15w 22:21 F220 42n 20w 23:04 43.40n 25w next. Departed Rota NAS for Brunswick NAS, via FARO, BUSIO to 15w and we were to request Oceanic clearance 50 min's prior to 15w. Do not have Oceanic clearance yet! Request you call Oceanic now on 8945 or 5610; Ok switching to 8945.

Received clearance from Santa Maria via 40.35/15, 42/20, 45/30, 47/40, 47.07/45, 47/50, YYT (St. Johns) at F220, TAS 330 Kts.

Reported 42n 20w 23:03 F220 43.40n 25w 23:47 45n 30w next, request F240

U S Navy, P-3 working Lajes Airways on 6750 (full 'phone numbers have been blanked)

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