10 April 2013

14th July 1979

RFR 84GVF 61n 00 08:35 F290 63n 00.10e 08:52 68n 00.50e 09:34, cleared to F200 and below in your operational area.

Royal Air Force, Nimrod (?), working Bodo

RRR 5895 53n 15w 15:30 F240 53n 20w 16:07, wind 270/23, outside temp' -2°C.

Royal Air Force, C-130K, (previously over-head Shannon)

EC-CBO request Oceanic clearance at F280 or F270, 49n 08w 20:32

Iberia, DC-10-30, EC-CBO "Costa del Sol"

[Photo: EC-CBO landing at Miami, FL in January 1976, © Bob Garrard]

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