24 April 2013

25th December 1979

USCG 1342 24.03n 71.20w 00:04 declaring an emergency and request clearance direct to Homestead AFB, FL. Our #1 engine is feathered and generator is out.
We are now cleared direct via VHF frequencies and secure with Miami, good day, presently 40 min's out of Homestead. [working MacDill Airways on 8989]

USCG 1342 24.33n 73.40w 00:30, ops normal!, with #1 feathered and shut down, routing direct to Homestead (on a 'phone patch to Elizabeth City) 24.53n 75.51w 01:00 ETA Homestead 02:05 30.04n 80.01w 01:40.
"Be advised that in relation to the distress flight N1435P, 200 nautical miles from San Juan, we sighted several plastic bags in the area. We completed search of Area B/NW at 21:50 and departed for Elizabeth City at 23:15. A new search required for Area B1/NW."
"Our flight time to-day was 10 hours when we land at Homestead".[working USCG Portsmouth, NC on 5696]

U S Coast Guard HC-130B, 1342 based at Elizabeth City on a rescue mission for N1435P, a PA-23 Apache that was lost on 21st December 1979 with four fatalities, en-route to South Caicos Island.

This HC-130B went into storage at the AMARC, AZ in July 1982.

[Photo: at AMARC, AZ, October 1982 © Malcolm Nason]

USCG 1473 ops normal [working Miami on 5696]

USCG 1495 ops normal at 24.09n 81.24w 30.04n 80.01w 01:40

USCG 1488 also on frequency

Three U S Coast Guard, H-3 Pelican's, 1473, 1495, 1488 assisting in the search.

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