30 April 2013

25th March 1980

PADDY 12 45n 16w 07:05 F235 VFR request route via 49m 16w 08:05 to 50n 08w 09:00, LND/Lands End 09:16, request F250

Subsequent 'Phone patch to Shanwick Oceanic:- "Shanwick advise that we have no flight plan on your flight! We departed Madrid/Torrejon at 00:58, destination RAF Alconbury 10:30, est' Shannon FIR at 45n 16w 07:05, in AltRes (altitude reservation) but unable to stay VFR. We will call the Shanwick Supervisor when we get on the ground."

U S Navy, EC-130Q, 156170 from VQ-4 Squadron

[Photo: 156170 © Ray Bedford]
This aircraft started life as a TACAMO (Take Charge And Move Out) machine in 1967. Later modified to a TC-130Q in December 1990. It was retired to the AMARC, AZ in September 1991, as assigned an inventory code of '2G014'. In 1996 it was re-registered N15674 with Airplane Sales International and stored in the DMI yard beside the AMARC, where it was gradually reduced to spares.

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