22 April 2013

5th October 1979

FIFTH 83 60n 10w 07:17 F230 58.13n 06.11w 07:47 endurance 07+00, wind 040/10 at 60n 12w, outside temp' -27°C. Requested a 'phone patch to PHANTOM 85 (European Airlift Co-ordination Centre), advised ETA Mildenhall 09:15, AI with 6 crew.

USAF, (type?), working Croughton Airways on 9011

VVV 695XJ departed ENVA/Trondheim, Norway 06:50 F180 64.20n 06.47e 07:17 65.34n 00 07:52 66.40n 11w 08:40 going operational at 11w for 4 hours 30 min's below controlled airspace. ETA ENVA 13:30. Requested a 'phone patch to Autovon 282-3181

U S Navy, RP-3A, 149667, VXN-8 Squadron, 'Project Seascan/El Coyete'.
This aircraft was written off at Jacksonville NAS on 7th February 1981 and later used for fire practice.

[Photo: at RAF Kinloss, Scotland, September 1982 © Jim Simpson]
[Photo: at Patuxent River NAS, May 1987 © 'RedRipper24'] 

VM 28427 on a 'phone patch to Autovon 625-1110 extn. 5224 (ATOC, Naples, Italy) "departed Lajes, Azores 00:42 ETA Naples 10:00, we are a C-118 request a passenger boarding ramp, DC power supply, oil, 150 lbs of dry ice for pick up on Monday morning. We are departing on Monday morning"

U S M C, VC-118B, 128427.
This aircraft was withdrawn from use in February 1982 and stored at Davis Monthan, AZ. Later re-registered N427D with Lan-Dale Company in 1986 and stored at Tucson, AZ but later moved to storage at Cherry Point, NC (see image below).

[Photo: stored at Cherry Point © via Fergal Goodman]

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