2 July 2013

10th June 1980

VVV LL786 41.30n 35w 05:36 F270 42n 30w 06:12 42n 25w 06:47 42n 20w next

U S Navy, P-3

ALGAY 89 56n 30w 05:43 F370 56n 20w 06:30 56n 10w next

USAF, C-135?

BRET 19 departed Lajes 04:28 43.30n 20w 06:03 F230 request F250 45n 17w 06:29 48n 10w 07:31 49n 08w 07:52 ETA RAF Mildenhall 09:30. Relay to 'RAMPART85'

BRET 68 on a 'phone patch to BRAVO Ops at Mildenhall, on DSN 238-2390, advising ETA 08:38 with five crew and six pax.

Two USAF, C-130's

NANCY 31 flight 60n 40w 05:43 blocking F250/270 60n 30w 06:31 60n 20w 07:12 59n 10w next
Three aircraft in our flight NANCY 31/32/33

USAF, KC-135's?

GULL 24 56n 30w 21:23 F260 56n 40w 22:28 56n 50w next. Gave a list of weather observations for report #6, in the format 97779, 21084, 30560, 27803, etc. to Miami Monitor.

USAF, WC-130, 65-0968, working Croughton Airways on 6750

GULL 71 also noted starting a descent in Aviano, on a 'phone patch to 'PHANTOM'

USAF, WC-130

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