26 November 2013

12th November 1980

VVV 3PP5 Advised that we have a cracked window and wish to speak to maintenance, cause unknown. We are 100 miles from RAF Kinloss at F250. Possibly returning to base.
A further 'Phone patch followed to DSN 231-1290 Ext 7007 or 7781 (Keflavik Base Ops) and advised that we have a 6" crack in the outer layer which has now stabilised; we have plenty of fuel, ETA Keflavik 13:25. The crack is on the co-pilots side, side portion, front windscreen lower portion.

58.53n 007.04w 11:37, F160 60n 10w 11:59, 61n 12.34w 12:20, LIMA 13:02, BIKF 13:27

US Navy, P-3 working Croughton Airways on 9011

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