21 November 2013

21st August 1980

KITE 13 departed Dover AFB 02:17 53n 30w 07:09 F330 53n 20w 07:50, 53n 15w 08:10 ETA EDAF (Rhein Main) 10:05. Mission number ABA2F3

USAF, C-5, working Croughton Airways on 6750

RRR 4211 52n 40w 20:54 F230 51n 30w 22:07 now F250 51n 20w 23:18 51n 15w next
Request weather at Keflavik for 21:00. SelCal AJCL, wind 216/20, outside temp' -24°C

Royal Air Force, C-130K, XV200

LARK 65 departed Mildenhall 20:07 56n 10w 22:26 F260 55n 30w 00:07 ETA McClellan AFB 10:25. Contacted Rhein Main Metro on a 'Phone Patch and passed weather observations, with remarks "WFN45".

USAF, WC-135B, 61-2666 working Croughton Airways on 6750

[WC-135B, 61-2666 at RAF Mildenhall © via Kevin Curtis blog]

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