22 November 2013

29th August 1980

VVV LQ346 39n 40w 06:44 F250 LIMA 07:49, Lajes next

VVV LQ347 LIMA 07:06, F270 BRAVO 07:51, 39n 20w 08:27 now F290 38n 15w 09:09 destination Rota, NAS

VVV LQ345 38n 25w, LIMA 07:25 F280 Lajes 07:58, BRAVO 08:10

Three US Navy, P-3's enroute to Rota NAS, last aircraft ETB Rota 11:30
(all working Croughton Airways on 6750 and also with Sta Maria on 132.15 VHF whilst within their CTA)

ROOFY 78 departed EGVA (Fairford) 08:28, 57n 10w 09:42 F260 60n 30w 11:15 ETA KLIZ (Loring AFB) 15:20, only equipped with UHF and HF.

USAF, KC-135

SHEEP 71 departed Mildenhall 07:47, 50n 08w 09:03 F260 to 20w, then F270 for return to 08w, 50n 10w 09:16, 50n 20w 10:21 (turning point), 51n 10w 11:10, 50n 08w 11:20 ETA Mildenhall 12:45

USAF, EC-135 (position relayed via HITIDE to Croughton Airways on 6750)

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