4 December 2013

15th February 1981

INCH 94 On a 'phone patch to PHANTOM 85 (European ALCC)  "we are A C-130 from Californian ANG, from Rhein Main, we departed EGQS (RAF Lossiemouth) 10:18, ETA Pease AFB 20:27. We are one hour late departing due refuelling. We will over-fly Goose Bay due negative request. Are the other guard aircraft all departed yet? Negative, not yet, due to depart."

passed 59n 10w 11:22 F180 60n 20w 12:35, 60n 30w next

USAF, C-130E from CA ANG that had deployed to Rhein Main with six other C-130's
[working Croughton Airways on 6750]

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