4 January 2014

14th March 1981

DOOR 66 53n 25w 11:15 F240, 53n 30w 1149, 53n 40w 12:57

USAF, C-130 (?)

KING 27 46n 15w 11:37 F230 48.13n 10w 12:29, 49n 08w 12:46, LND/Lands End, destination RAF Woodbridge. Received UHF frequency for London of 311.4.

On 'phone patch to DSN 424-6351 (JRCC), "we departed our orbit at 11:37, now with seven 'chicks' and three tankers, Ops normal, ETA Woody 14:15"

USAF HC-130, 69-5827, working Croughton Airways on 9011

HEADANCER on 'phone patch to RAYMOND 1 (TAC/ALCC Langley AFB, VA), advised "all receivers topped up with 3,000 lbs, with 10,000 lbs remaining to destination"

USAF, EC-135K, 55-3118, working Croughton Airways on a discrete frequency of 11180

[Photo: at RAF Fairford in June 1984 © Irish251]

[This was support for eight A-10's from the 138TFS/NY ANG, returning home from Lechfeld under the 'Coronet Sail' deployment, with the KING flight proving 'duckbutt' support]

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