5 January 2014

19th March 1981

VV LK05 41n 20w 07:38 F290 39.30n 15w 08:17 BUGIO 09:00, BEJ next

U S Navy, P-3

MAC 70013 departed Frankfurt 06:05 47n 08w 08:00 F390 45n 15w 08:49, 43n 20w 09:23, ETA Lajes 10:26

USAF, C-141A, 67-0013 working Lajes Airways on 6750

KING 20 departed Keflavik 08:15 61n 28w 09:06 F200  60n 29w 09:19, 55n 30w 10:16, returning to Keflavik at 14:36.
On 'phone patch to Woodbridge and advised that the 1st cell was airborne at 08:10 and 2nd cell due to be airborne at 08:40.
Will orbit within a 25 mile radius of 55n 30w for 1 hour and 50 min's.
On 'phone patch to RENO Op's (Bentwaters) and advised that the 2nd cell were airborne at 09:15.
Called the WHIRL 98 and advised that he is their 'duckbutt' aircraft for to-day, also advised that two aircraft from the 2nd cell did not make it. The rendezvous point for the 1st cell is 56n 15.30w 10:05 with the 2nd cell 105 min's behind them.
Flight then departed his orbit at 12:50 and new ETA for Keflavik is 15:10. 55n 30w 12:45, F210 60n 29w 13:47, 61n 28w 14:01, TANGO 14:27, KEF

WHIRL 98 departed Fairford 08:26 56n 10w 09:40 F270 56n 15w 10:06, 56n 20w 10:30, 55n 30w 11:20, 55.30n 35w next ETA Pease AFB 15:01

LAURA 64 56n 10w 10:44, returning 56n 10w 12:25, ETA Fairford 13:54

LAURA 63 56n 20w 13:03 F240 56n 10w 13:48, returning to Fairford at 14:40 via MAZ 14:04 to VYL

LAURA 61/62/63/64 flight, our receivers are FISH 21/22/23/24 who departed Flesland, Norway and destination is Hill AFB, UT. LAURA 62 is proceeding Stateside.

LAURA 52 56n 10w 12:54, routing MAZ to VYL to Fairford

The KING, WHIRL and LAURA flights were all part of the 'Coronet Falcon' deployment where 10 388thTFW F-16A's (two failed to depart on the 19th, but left on the20th, via Alconbury) were returning to their base from Norway. All worked Croughton Airways on 11176, 6750 and 9011
KING 20 = HC-130, 66-0220
WHIRL and LAURA flights = KC-135's
FISH = F-16's

KING 26 departed Woodbridge 11:05 STN/Stornoway 13:02, 60n 10w 13:40 F220 61n 13w 14:01 LIMA next ETA Keflavik 15:22
On 'phone patch to DSN 228-4224 (Keflavik Base Op's) advised that they have 13 pax, transport required and ETA 15:34.

USAF, HC-130

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