4 January 2014

8th March 1981

GK 2 57n 20w 10:04 F330 57n 10w 10:42 o/head Glasgow next, ETA London/Gatwick 12:10, fuel remaining 45,600 lbs

Laker Airways, B.707/DC-10?

VV 52181 38.28n 20w 10:13 F260 38.43n 25w 11:02 BRAVO RADAR next, destination Lajes.

[Photo: at Glenview NAS, Il in April 1976 © Gerrit Kok]

U S Navy, P-3A, 152181 working Lajes Airways on 8967.
Moved to the AMARC, AZ in June 1990 and subsequently sold to Hellenic Aerospace in May 1995 for spare parts.

PETRI 55 Flight 56n 20w 11:10 blocking F240/260, refuelling at 56n 10.15w 11:50, 56n 10w 11:51, 55n 04.13w 12:16, destination RAF Mildenhall
Our 'receivers' in tow are BANIG 11 to 14, who departed KHUF (Terre Haute) 09:45, ETA ENAN (Andoya) 14:17. (working Croughton Airways on 9011)

USAF, KC-135's escorting seven F-4C's from 113TFS/Indiana ANG to Norway for Exercise "Cold Winter" under a "Coronet Mast" deployment. The fighters subsequently diverted into RAF Alconbury due poor weather in Norway.

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