28 February 2014

2nd June 1981

EXTEN 55 departed EGUN/Mildenhall 14:06, entering the FIR at 50n 08w 15:04, F270, 50n 10w 15:15, 50.05n 13.30w 15:31, 51.17n 17.40w 15:54. This is our turning point at the ARCP (air-refuelling contact point) where we will delay 'till 16:16 for re-fuelling with the "PAX" flight.
We are unable to contact Shanwick and were advised that they are on an industrial dispute but as you are on an ALTRES, Croughton advised just to follow your assigned altitude reservation.

We will stay at F270 for the re-fuelling, squawking '92Y' and passing the AR on 305.6U with our receivers.
EXTEN55 asked PAX41 if he has two HF radio's but he advised, negative. Requested PAX turn on his beacon and set an inbound track of 117° to the ARCP.

51n 17.40w 15:52 F270, 48.48n 10w 17:02, 48.04n 08.09w 17:14, 48n 08w 17:16, ETA LFPB/Paris, Le Bourget 18:01

USAF, KC-10A, 79-0434 from the 2nd BW re-fuelling two B-52's whilst en-route to the Paris Air Show (working Croughton Airways on 6750)

This particular machine earlier arrived into RAF Wittering from Tulsa, OK supporting the deployment of eight Oklahoma A-7D's on 30th May under 'Coronet Canvas'. The call-sign EXTEN is obviously based on the USAF title assigned to the KC-10, i.e. Extender'. It returned to the States on 12th June, from Mildenhall with the return of the A-7's. Interestingly, this particular aircraft (c/n 48201) is still active to-day (February 2014), having been delivered to the USAF on 17th March 1981.

[Photo: at the Paris Air Show, 6th June 1981 © Paul Thallon]

PAX 41 flight, 52.05n 20w 16:00, blocking F240/270, 50.50n 15w 16:21, 47.57n 04.11w next, our estimate for the AR3A (re-fuelling point) is 19:30

Two B-52H's (PAX41/42) routing from the USA to Guam re-fuelled by the above KC-10. Interestingly, these B-52's were taking the long route eastwards to the Pacific from the States!
[To enhance this post, I have created a link to an 11 minute sound recording of some of the communications  EXTEN 55 had with Croughton Airways. Just click on the 'cloud' icon below and you will be brought to an external site to play the clip. When finished listening, please return to my blog, using the link displayed under my profile on the other website, many thanks!] 

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