2 February 2014

3rd May 1981

NP403 53n 20w 10:31 F170 request F190 53n 15w 11:09, o/h Shannon 11:43 to STU/Strumble, SelCal ALBK

Heavylift, Short's Belfast, working Shanwick on 8945

CG1414 departed Shannon 10:25, destination St. John's on an IFR flight plan.

Cleared via 52n 15w, 52.05n 20w, 51.45n 30w, 50.40n 40w, 49.05n 47.45w, 48.15n 51w to YYT at F200

U S Coast Guard, EC-130E, 1414
CG1350 40n 25w 14:33 F220, from Shannon to Lajes (working Shanwick on 8945)
U S Coast Guard, HC-130, 1350
[Photo: at Shannon on 30th April 1981 © Malcolm Nason]
The Coast Guard EC-130E, 1414, diverted into Shannon on 25th April with an engine shut-down, whilst enroute from Mildenhall to St. John's. A replacement engine arrived on board 1350, which landed at Shannon on the 30th April.

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