10 March 2014

10th August 1981

TAP 198 38n 20w 21:51 F330 38.30n 15w 22:17, BUGIO next, SelCal FJDL

Air Portugal, B.727, CS-TBQ (working Santa Maria on 8945)

MAC 00460 Advised New York that they were talking to MacDill Airways who said there is a problem with our oceanic clearance, any idea what it is?
NY advised, I have no idea, will check.
Flight received a revised clearance via 42/60, 42/50, 43/40, 44/30, 46/20, 48/10, 49/08, LND at F270
42n 60w 22:13 F270 42n 50w 23:04

USAF, C-5A, 70-0460 (working New York on 8945)
[This was during an American ATC strike and to-day Canadian controllers refused to handle any North Atlantic traffic over Gander or Moncton, en-route to Kennedy]

N101TV 34n 40w 23:57 F350, 34n 50w 01:01, 34n 60w 02:05, HENCH 02:15, Bermuda 02:38, destination Miami

Air Florida, DC-10, N101TV (working Santa Maria on 8945)

VA 745 21n 40w 22:40 F350 17n 45w 23:30, 15n 50w next, outside temp' -47°C, wind 265/50, SelCal GLAH

VIASA, DC-10-30, YV-133C (working San Juan on 8945)

[Photo: at Miami, on 20th April 1977 © Kenny Ganz]

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