11 March 2014

11th August 1981

JOYCE 61 53n 15w 07:08 F200 SNN/Shannon 07:58, destination Mildenhall

USAF, C-130, on the regular 'Bravo Rotation' (working Croughton Airways on 6750)

JOYCE 56 53n 30w 07:41 F240 53.30n 35w 08:01 54n 40w next, outside temp' -26°C, wind 240/35
destination Goose Bay,
On a subsequent 'phone patch to PHANTOM (ALCC), "We have no CADIZ (Canadian Air Defence Identification Zone) slot time any more due to Gander closed, will report ops normal every hour"

USAF, C-130, returning to home base from Mildenhall as part of the 'Bravo Rotation'.

VV OB11 62.30n 28w 19:42 below F055, request F270 at 30w, TANGO 19:51, ETA Keflavik 20:12, will accept any flight level

U S Navy, P-3

N58RD 43n 40w 19:49, F330, 44n 30w 20:39, 46n 20w next, endurance 06+30, request F370 or F390, SelCal FHLJ, request a re-route via 47/20, 50/08, LND/Lands End

Rowan Drilling Oil Co., B.707-441, N58RD (working Santa Maria on 8945)

[Photo: at Prestwick on 24th August 1980 © Jim Bavin]

BA 263Q 50n 08w 21:31 F260 48n 20w 22:36, 44n 40w next, Mach .79, SelCal AMGK

British Airways, B.747-236B, G-BDXD (working Shanwick on 5610)
This aircraft was delivered on 4th April 1978 and subsequently wfu on 5th December 1999 and later broken up at Roswell, USA in 2001.

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