20 March 2014

18th September 1981

BA 188 SN 30w 19:22 F560, SN 20w 19:42, outside temp' -55°C, wind 270/40

British Airways, Concorde (working Shanwick on 8945)
[see here for details of Concorde track reporting structure]

IQ 001 FL/Flores 19:48 F330, 34n 40w 20:55, 30.50n 45w next, ETA Barbados 00:25, request F350, fuel remaining 98,600 lbs, SelCal KMBH

Laker Airways with Caribbean titles, DC-10.
Advised to call his company at Barbados on 17468 (HF)

OTIS 12 39.05n 15w 19:32 F220, 39n 20w 20:22, BRAVO next, routing via BRAVO to GP at F220, TAS 290kts

USMC, KC-130 from VMGR-252, Cherry Point

MAC 60132 46n 20w 19:32 F410, 43n 13w 20:14, PORTO 20:40, BORDI next

USAF, C-141A, 66-0132

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