5 March 2014

22nd June 1981

HUFF 70 53n 30w 06:15 F370 53n 20w 07:02, 53n 15w next

USAF, tanker, working Gander on 5624

CFC 761 54n 20w 06:17 F350 54n 15w 06:38, EGL/Eagle Island next

Canadian Air Force, CC-137, working Shanwick on 5624

ZESTY 15 47n 50w 06:20, blocking F270/260 47.37n 45w 06:48, 48n 40w 07:30, ETA Fairford 10:21, with the RETRO 51 flight who are ETA Torrejon at 10:25

USAF, KC-135 with fighters to Spain (working MacDill Airways on 6750)

VV 3OTZ 65.25n 37w 06:25 climbing back into controlled airspace from VFR to F220, 63.40n 40.30w 06:58, 61n 47w next

US Navy, P-3 working Gander on 5624

HEADANCER departed Mildenhall 06:18, ETA Bangor 12:18, tail number 4830, relay 'RAYMOND 2'

USAF, KC-135, 64-14830 acting as an aerial command post for a deployment, with message relay to a TAC Command Post (on a discrete frequency of 6757)

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