5 March 2014

7th June 1981

YAPPY 61 53n 30w 05:48 F250 53n 25w 06:27, 53n 20w next. outside temp' -33°C, wind 090/32, TAS 300kts

USAF, C-130 (?) working Gander on 5610

VVV LV-10 38n 15w 09:22 F260, 38.30n 20w 10:06, BRAVO next

US Navy, P-3 working Santa Maria on 8945

Shamrock 6914 51n 08.30w 09:45 F330 50n 08.30w 09:57, 45n 08.30w 10:39, STG/Santiago 10:55, SelCal BLAC

Aer Lingus, B.707, EI-APG from Dublin to Las Palmas

F-BJHT 30w 13:05, F060 62n 35w 13:27, 61n 40w next

Cessna 310, F-BJHT (c/n 39143)

[Photo: © Andy Parsons]

Participant in the Paris to New York and back to Paris air race, which took place from 4th to 14th June
[Above extract from the New York Times for 8th June 1981]
N6826Q 5xn 27.28w 13xx, F060, 52.53n 30w 15:53, ETA Gander 20:00

Beech V35B Bonanza, N6826Q a participant in the Paris/New York/Paris air race.
Times recorded from Paris/Le Bourget to Shannon 08+20 and Shannon to Gander 09+00

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