19 March 2014

9th September 1981

VV 17W9V we are orbiting at 50n 12w at F200, now descending to 5,000' into operational area. We request an oceanic clearance. Shanwick advise that they will not issue any clearance in the 'Ocean Safari' operational area.
17W9V is due to depart area at 50n 12w 08:15, climbing to F200, 50n 08w 08:40, ETA St. Mawgan 09:00

US Navy, RP-3A, 149667 on exercise duty. This exercise was based in St. Mawgan and lasted from 8th till 18th September; other foreign participants were CFC CP-140 Aurora 140114 with support by their CC-130E, 130308.

See previous photo of 149667 in my blog here.

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