17 May 2014

10th November 1981

RFR 982MQ ETD Kinloss 09:00, routing via Tiree, into operational area bounded by 57n 13w, 57n 06w, 55n 13w and 55n 06w between F200 and 200' between 09:45 and 15:45

Royal Air Force, HS.801 Nimrod (working Shanwick 5673)

N881PA 54n 40w 21:29 F370 55n 30w 22:08, 55n 20w 22:48, 55n 10w 23:08, BEL/Belfast next, SelCal CEHL

Global Express, B.707-321B, N881PA (working Gander 8945 and Shanwick 5610)

[Photo: at London, Stansted in May 1982 © Carl Ford]

F-YEBA FL/Flores 22:05, F150, GRA/Graciosa 22:45, LM/Lajes 22:58, destination is Lajes

French Navy, type(?), working Santa Maria on 5610.

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