17 May 2014

27th November 1981

GAF 5094 42n 20w 19:06 F240 'C' 20:x0, outside temp' -33°C, wind 065/25

German Air Force, Transall C-160D, 50+94 (working Santa Maria on 8945)

FM 0802 45n 20w 19:23 F370 47n 08w 20:32, NTS/Nantes next, ETA Paris CDG 21:40, fuel remaining 20,800, outside temp' -56°C, wind 035.40

French Air Force, DC-8

ANTE 21 HENCH 20:0x F280, BELCH 20:14, SMELT 20:57, requesting the UHF frequency for Jacksonville NAS.
On subsequent 'phone patch to DSN 488-5241 "LENS CONTROL" (Seymour Johnson AFB) advising that our single receiver 'JIFFY' off-loaded 26.5 and op's normal, relay to OPTIMIST Control and RAYMOND 01 (TAC/ALCC Langley AFB) and ANNUITY

U S military flight, type(?) working MacDill Airways on 13244

VV 31600 requested weather for his destination Key West at 00:41

U S Navy, Douglas R6D Liftmaster, 131600

[Photo: at Edmonton IAP on 2nd October 1978 © Caz Caswell]

MAC 67956 00° 30w 20:10 F390 04.10n 36.67w 21:20, 05.40n 38.50w next, wind 300/40, outside temp' -45°C, relay FORMAT and AK2

USAF, C-141, 66-7956 (working Ascension on 13244, switching to Albrook)

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